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What is called Methadone?

Methadone is a powerful tool used to treat addiction and substance abuse. It is a synthetic opioid agonist medication that works by blocking the effects of opioids while still providing some of the same pain relief and pleasure.

 It is most commonly prescribed to help individuals addicted to opioids, such as heroin or prescription painkillers, manage their withdrawal symptoms.

Unlike other opioid agonists, Methadone has a long half-life, and its effects can last up to 24 hours, making it a viable option for opioid addiction treatment. Methadone is also used to help reduce cravings and decrease the risk of relapse in individuals who have already gone through detox.

History of Methadone

Methadone is a fascinating story. It first emerged in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, when scientists looking for a way to treat pain discovered the powerful opioid. 

By the 1950s, it had become a widely used medicine in the United States, which was used to help addicts recover from addiction to heroin.

While Methadone proved effective, it is widely used to treat opioid addiction and pain. You can also buy Methadone online to learn more about its early records.

Understanding the potential uses of Methadone

Opioid Dependence Treatment: Methadone is most commonly used to treat opioid dependence, as it can help to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid addiction.

Pain Management: Methadone is sometimes prescribed as a pain reliever for individuals with chronic, moderate to severe pain. The medication can help to reduce pain without producing the identical euphoric effects as other opioids, reducing the risk of abuse.

Maintenance Therapy: Methadone is sometimes used as part of a maintenance therapy program to help individuals with opioid dependence stay in recovery. It can help to lessen the risk of relapse by providing steady, controlled doses of the drug over time.

Symptom Management: Methadone may be prescribed to manage symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal, such as nausea, muscle aches, anxiety, and insomnia.

Detoxification: Methadone can be part of a detoxification program to help individuals gradually stop using opioids.

HIV/AIDS Treatment: Methadone is sometimes prescribed to HIV/AIDS patients to help relieve pain and reduce the risk of opioid dependence.

Cancer Treatment: Methadone can be used with other medications to treat pain associated with cancer.

Doses recommendation for using Lortab

For children and infants under 12, the recommended dose is no more than 2.5 mg per dose, with a maximum of 10mg per day. Consult with your doctor before giving Lortab to a child or infant.

For adolescents and teens between 12 and 18, the recommended dose is 5mg per dose, with a maximum of 20mg per day. Again, consult your doctor before giving Lortab to an adolescent or teen.

For adults over 18, the recommended dose is 5mg per dose, with a maximum of 40mg per day. Again, consult with your doctor before giving Lortab to an adult.

Strategies for safely taking Methadone

  • Take your prescribed amount of methadone tablets orally with a glass of water. Down the pills whole, and do not crush, chew, or dissolve them.
  • Administer the methadone tablets at least 8 hours apart, as they have a long-acting effect.
  • If you suddenly forget a dose, take it as soon as possible.
  • However, if it is about time for your subsequent dose, skip the missed dose and take the subsequent amount at the regular time. Do not double up quantities.

Side Effects of Methadone

Common side effects of Methadone include lightheadedness, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and sweating. 

Other side effects may include headache, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, itching, and rash. You can also buy Methadone online to comprehend more of its side effects and reactions.

Warnings and precautions for using Methadone


  • Do not take Methadone if you have ever had an allergy to it or any other narcotic pain medicine.
  • Methadone can slow or stop your breathing, primarily when you use this medicine or your dose changes.
  • Do not drink alcohol or use medicines that contain alcohol while taking Methadone.
  • Never buy Methadone online from an unauthorized source. 


  • Before taking Methadone, tell your doctor if you have had a head injury, seizures, or a drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Notify your doctor if you are expectant or plan to become pregnant while employing this medicine.
  • You should not stop using Methadone suddenly. Adhere to your doctor’s instructions about tapering your dose.

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